Pyrenessences Production

Our production site, as our site for the analysis of essential oils, is situated in the heart of Cathar Country, in the Aude Pyrenees, on the Plateau de Sault at an altitude of 900 metres.

Having worked for many years in petro-chemical research, our ecological convictions have pushed us towards the production and distillation of organic medicinal and aromatic plans under the label “Nature and Progress”.

The craft distillery Pyrenessences was started in 1989 and our production of essential oils has always respected both the plants and the environment.


All of the essential oils are produced from the distillation of aromatic and medicinal plants under the label “Agriculture Biologique” (Ecological Agriculture).

Some of these plants come from our own organic farm and the others are collected from regulated, non polluted sites which respect both the plant and the environment.

We bring a special care to the method of distillation.  The extraction of the essential oils is done in a copper still of 1200 litres using water vapour at a very low pressure.

The quality of these essential oils benefits from more than 20 years of experience, both in terms of the collection of plants and in the process of the specific distillation of each plant.


  • Essential Oils  Essential oil combinations for diffusion, floral water, oils for soaking, massage balms.
  • Blueberry and bush peach preserves

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